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Welcome To The Donor Conceived Register

This contact register enables people conceived through donated sperm or eggs, their donors and half-siblings to exchange information and, where desired, to contact each other.

The register is available throughout the UK and is intended for anyone who donated in a UK clinic or was conceived following treatment in a UK clinic before August 1991. However because of storage and distribution practices it is possible that donor-conceived born until December 1992 could find donor-conceived half-siblings or their donor on the register. Please contact us to discuss this further.

The register has been running since 2004 leading to several links between donors and their donor offspring and donor offspring sharing the same donor. Contact has taken place in various ways, dependent on the wishes of the parties involved. Information can be shared via an independent third party, emails can be exchanged or people can meet up.

There is no fixed process; it’s all up to the individual’s wishes.

If you

  • were a sperm or egg donor and would like to find out what has happened with your wonderful gift or
  • if you have been conceived via sperm or egg donation and want to know more about your donor and/or genetic half-sibling from the same donor,

Find out more on this site or contact us now on the confidential support line on 07940 191 406.

If you were conceived through treatment or were a donor between August 1991- April 2005 and would like to find out more information and/or become identifiable, you can do so via another register. or give us a call.

Dr. Joanna Rose’s Family Experience

Search for Donor Father – Dr. Joanna Rose

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